Sunday, July 26, 2009

Snip + Stitch

Snip+Stitch was absolutely wonderful! Laura and Mitzi, a.k.a. the Crafty Mavericks, did an amazing job putting this together and making all the vendors feel loved! Here some pictures of my booth. I wish I would have been able to get pictures with other vendors but I was busy selling and before knew it the day was over!

Early morning and my space is looking good. It was Todd's clever idea to put my cute blue chair in the corner.
The tiny gift bags were definitely a favorite. I forgot my wine bottle for the gift bag display, this may be why I didn't sale even one!
My make up wraps were super popular, I only had one left at the end of the day! I gave away teensy tiny bags with my business card in them, people loved it!
I hung everything from wooden clothespins and I think it made a nice display especially for my totes which are a bit more slouchy.
I should have made twice as many purses... they were a hit! A couple times people had come back to buy one in particular and it had already been sold!
Overall this was an great experience and I would love to be invited to do it again and again... I would even make the trip from San Diego so I could be apart of it all over again.


  1. Congrats Mich! Sounds like it was a great event- keep that positive juice flowing and make sure you pack it for SD! See you sooner than we realize! Love, Aims

  2. I'm so happy it was a good experience! I still think my mum and I should have given it a go but the madness of life often gets in the way. I love my makeup wrap!! : )


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