Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New (to me) Fabric

I went down to San Diego to visit family a few weeks ago for my brother Andre's 25th birthday! It was so so so much fun. In 72 hours we packed in birthday celebration, fabric shopping, beer, hugs, etc. I wish I could do it every weekend. Actually every day would be better.

I also had time to rummage through my Aunt Susan's sewing room for fabric. This seemed overwhelming but I was up for the challenge! In three hours or so I managed to go through maybe a third of it and scored on some awesome fabric for my purses and bags. I have already made a few and posted them in my shop. I could only get half of it on the plane so I will definitely making another trip.

Using rare fabrics gives my bags a little extra something special. Now I am on the hunt for vintage fabric with funky mod prints and patterns. I have been experimenting with new designs and am open to suggestions.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Finally Made A Shirt

This is my first real shirt. I am pretty stoked on how it turned out and it wasn't that hard at all. I pretty much just started cutting around a shirt I have that fits me well. The fabric is some sort of soft synthetic knit in a magenta color and I used my favorite fabric ever to add a little something extra. Now I have an excuse to go out, hint hint Todd ;) So I am getting ready for this craft fair. This means sleeping less and sewing more. I have never been so productive and experimental. Just today I made the tiniest little handbag just to practice some stitches and work out the kinks in a couple new techniques. So far so good! I am hoping to make some really nice totes and purses from this design.

Hmmmmm what else is going on with me...??? Oh ya last night and this morning there have been little earthquakes. Hops has not been too happy about this and seems concerned about the fact that we live on top of a pool. Not sure how it will hold up if a big earthquake was to occur. You are probably wondering, "Who is Hops?", well he is my border colllie. Just the other day the chickens got out and he helped herd them in the coop. All of his herding instincts just kicked in and from what I hear he did a good job. I am going to take him on a walk now.

What a cutie!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Kids and Babies

Here are some kids and babies gift I picked out for this round of handmade goodness holiday gift giving guide ;)

Too cute

I will be adding to this list so check back!


Friday, October 17, 2008

Men's Holiday Gifts

So apparently it is a bit tricky finding items on Etsy that are for the men in our lives. I managed to find only 20 and you can view them here. I hope you find a unique handmade gift for that special guy in your life, he deserves it!

Still to come Kids & Babies and Pets, check back soon!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gift Ideas for the Ladies

Hello Friends and Family,

Just wanted to give some gift giving ideas. I hope to spread the word of handmade goodness this holiday season.

Once you click the link below you will be taken to my Favorites page. You can then either click on the ITEM name itself or the SHOP name just below that.

Ladies Gifts

A version for the guys in our lives is coming next. Then kids and babies. Stay tuned!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A good day.

Good news this week! That's twice in a row and I am on a roll...

Last night I just happened to design and print business cards. Mostly because I didn't feel like sewing and plus I guess it couldn't hurt right?!?

Well today at work I was notified that I got into the Arcata Holiday Craft Market. I was getting kinda anxious so I was very relieved to here that I got a booth. I will be super busy for the next two months sewing until I can't see straight.

My friend Theresa will be joining me which will be fun and I won't just be sitting there talking to my bags. Theresa makes super awesome bags for your yoga mat, and also meditation pillows. You can click to see her shop Om Mama.

Don't forget to stop by Danikai too!