Saturday, September 26, 2009

Crazy week!

Work was so crazy this week and on top of that I had lots of personal things to get done so I could not focus on anything at all. I thought for a second that my brain my explode. Luckily this crazy week ended with me getting my purse stolen right out of my car. I guess I forgot I am not in Arcata anymore and people in San Diego are jerks. I didn't even cry because I had to keep it together long enough to do a mental inventory of what might have been inside my purse. Turns out lots of important wedding things were in that little bag.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The big day is almost here...

Sorry I have been absent from the blog and my shop but I am oh so busy with the wedding planning! For a low key couple we sure are doing it up for this big event. Hopefully after the big day, and after finding a place to live I will be back in action sewing up a storm and just in time for the upcoming holiday madness.

New this Fall will be some awesome grocery totes made from upcycling discarded coffee sacks. We have some friends here in San Diego who are coffee roasters and are kind enough to let me have these huge sacks. I will be pulling them apart and reconstructing them into uber handy, simple, lightweight totes for all your grocery needs. I am pretty sure you know someone who still is using plastic or paper bags... let them know how uncool that is and tell them about reusable bags!

See you in mid October!