Friday, February 27, 2009

Team Eco Etsy March Madness

EcoEtsy Presents... March Madness: Free & Green

Hi all! I hope you are ready for this month's promotion, I sure am! Follow the link here March Madness to see all the amazing Etsy shops (including my own) who are giving away free nifty gifts of green goodness with each order!

I am giving away either a t-shirt grocery tote or a draw string accessories bag
. After you place your order with any one of the shops you type the promo code "Free and Green" in the message to seller box. The message to seller can be found when completing your Etsy transaction. Also, make note of which freebie you would prefer in the message to seller box.

Other participating shops sell all sorts of goods that are considered earth-friendly and are all handmade. What more could you want!!! Spread the word!

All of the shops that are part of EcoEtsy can be found by searching from Etsy's home page using the keyword "teamecoetsy", although not all of these shops are participating in March Madness, they are still part of a team that promotes REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.

team eco etsy

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's Next Danikai? Eco-Friendly Shops & Creations

Hello friends,

Just wanted to update everyone on all the new things you will being seeing in my shoppe. During the month of March I will be participating in a EcoEtsy promotion. Details to come so check back to see what specials I will be offering all month long.

Also, I am getting the hang of zippers so I am looking forward to adding them to my purses! The zipper seems to really set the purse apart from my totes and I think it will be a much needed addition. I will still be doing magnetic closures for all of us who prefer that instead.

I have a couple prototypes for tiny drawstring bags which are perfect for organizing all the small stuff that is so easy to overlook. The tiny bags will be perfect for makeup, sunglasses, snacks, and will be made from light weight vintage fabrics.

Another style I am perfecting is the clutch. I am going to be working with heavier fabrics than I previously have used for this style which I am hoping will give it a nice structure in the palm of your hand. I am thinking I will alternate between zipper, magnetic buttons, and a small piece of velcro; this way you can chose whichever you like best. Since I have tons of zebra fabric scraps left over I will be making my first batch from that fabric. Lots of cute bright colors will line the interiors and I am so excited to get started!

Until next time!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Full of Ideas

Another weekend of sewing lies ahead and here is a
sample of fabrics that will be turned into grocery totes.

I have some plans for the near future to add zippers to purses and improve my clutch design. Also I will be creating a collection of three different bags all with the same essential structure but each having their own special element to make three separate styles. I am very excited to share more but it is all being stored in sketches and notes at this point. Stay tuned.

My bostonian friend, Rochelle, sent me some a-m-a-z-i-n-g books for my birthday. One is how to turn my craft into a legitimate business and is chock full of ideas and tips on how to get started. I have already finished and I am feeling the entrepreneurial spirit once again.
The second book she got me has me ampt to start printing my own designs on fabrics. The book has easy step by step processes on several printing methods that can be done easily on a tight budget. Look forward to that too!

I am asking all my customers to send me a pic of them with my bag (or bags as many have become quite the fans, thanks!) so I can post them. In return I will be sending a nifty surprise gift. Yep, just for sending me a picture to my email

I have to give the biggest praise and thanks to Todd who has been doing some shoppe renovations for me on etsy. I have some gorgeous photos and a new banner and there is some more little tidbits to come. THANK YOU TODD!!!!!

love to all,