Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where's Michelle?

I have been away from the creative corner of my house for too long! Who knew planning a wedding could take this much of a toll on me? dress, food, photographer, music, decor, invites, guests, favors, hair, shoes, tuxes, flowers, cakes...

...that list seems small in comparison to all the other stuff going on right now!
I am also supposed to be blogging for my dad's company and planning a big move to San Diego and saving money and looking for a job and finding a place to live! (Breath Michelle, it will all be okay)

My goal is to get back on track with my bags this next weekend. I think this will let some creative juices flow and I will be able to clear my mind and start fresh again with the wedding. At least that's what I'm hoping.

Congrats to my sister who is days away from her first piece of real estate!!! WOO WOO!! I am so proud and a teensy bit jealous ;)

Has anyone else noticed all the gorgeous spring flowers blooming all around??? The sun has been shining and it is making me oh so excited for summer!


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