Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why do I consider my shoppe eco-friendly?

EcoEtsy Presents... March Madness: Free & Green

Hello friends

Since we are in the month of "Team Eco Etsy Free & Green March Madness" I thought I would use this post to inform you why I consider my products to be earth friendly.

~ At least 95% of my fabric comes from around town. I prefer to support local shops whenever I can which saves gas and I also get to chat with friendly faces instead of the cold computer.

~ All of my totes can be used when shopping instead of those nasty paper and plastic ones which would probably end up in the ocean. Use one every time you shop for increased amounts of awesomeness.

~ Most of my bags are made with vintage or upcycled fabrics. I like to use materials that need a new home or might otherwise be thrown into a yucky landfill.

~ A lot of my packaging materials are from shipments that come into work. Instead of recycling it all I use it again for my own shipping needs. REUSE!!!

Those are some of the reasons why I consider my bags to be green, thanks for reading :)


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