Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Too many things going on in my brain

I have been sick with a pleasant little head cold we in the Northwest like to call "the crud". I pretty much feel like my head is full of air and mucus and a dash of tickle in the throat. I have seen the worst of it and am on the road to recovery.

Danikai labels are still not in my possession. As soon as they land in my mailbox I will be able to complete 17 bags (as of today). My sewing area has turned in to a disaster area...

I have been a sewing machine these passed few weeks and it is only getting worse, or should I say better? Anyways, I am really getting some good techniques down and streamlining my production time. I made these little tote bags for Todd's band, all hand embroidered designs he picked out...

I am in the process of obtaining a seller's permit so that I can buy and sell wholesale. This is apparently just something you do when you have a product to sell which I do, in case you didn't know.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you about our hops plant? Well, so far we have a pound and a half!!! That is just one plant we have probably 6 more that we can put in the ground next year. If only we had our own land to grow commercially.


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  1. can seller's permits be used for yarn???? I see new cute headbands for you if they can!


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