Friday, November 27, 2009

danikai on sale and model wanted

I just posted new photos of my bags. I am always experimenting with light and I think I found the perfect spot in the house for taking my photos. Natural light pours in my south facing bedroom window all day long. This allows for the most perfect bright photos. Good thing Todd has taught me so much about photography or I wouldn't know what I was doing. Just in time for the holidays and in an effort to make room for new stock, all my bags at the shop have been discounted up to 30% through the new year (1/1/10), enjoy!

Although I have become fairly comfortable behind the camera, I am still thinking that my photos are missing something so now I am looking for a model. If you or anyone you know is comfortable in front of the camera and is willing to trade a days worth of modeling for a bag of their choice and lunch or dinner let me know. We will most likely take photos here at my house and the park across the street. I am hoping this will give potential customers a better idea of proportions rather than just having the measurements listed.

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