Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Year

Are you ready for even more new bags? Well, they are on their way!

I have been trying to stay on top of the sewing pile (new years resolution # 271) and have been doing fairly well considering all the other things that keep me preoccupied (todd, hops, museum, 30 rock, the interweb, oh ya and that whole wedding thing).

I have even finished projects that were lying around for six months or worse christmas presents that were never completed (sorry Danielle, #1 sister extraordanaire)! I am well stocked (labels, cards, fabric, needles, thread) so I should be getting lots of work done. I am excited and I think this next year will be better than the last which was great!

I bought some cards that will be sent with each danikai order (thanks ), just as a final touch for all my wonderful customers. Did you hear? Danikai just went INTERNATIONAL! I sold two bags to Japan and one to Canada. I really need to fine tune the int'l shipping however so it doesn't end up costing anyone an arm and a leg. Maybe you have some tips from your own experience....?

Thanks for reading and shopping and doing what you do ;)


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  1. I like the Day of the Dead prints! And 30 Rock is my favorite thing ever.


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