Monday, December 1, 2008

Craft Fair Booth

This is just a small sample of new bags I have that are not posted on my shop. I have lots of new totes and shopping bags that I think everyone will enjoy! If they don't sell at the fair they will be posted on the 15th for your viewing pleasure :)

Theresa and I staged our booth for the craft fair this past Saturday. I think it is going to be quite lovely. For those of you who won't be able to make it :( I will be sure to get some pictures. We were not sure what to do and then it just all came together thanks to a shiny piece of gold fabric, trust me it looks awesome! I am so excited to show off all my creations.

My shop will be closed (i.e. "on vacation" mode) 12/10-12/14 in preparation for the craft fair. I have lots of organizing and inspecting to do so I think this will make things easier for me. Things will be up and running soon after, don't fret!

Did everyone have a family fun filled turkey day?!?! Todd and I went to see Role Models it was hilarious well at least the first half was then it just got silly. I am so excited to see my family in a few short weeks at Christmas. Oh and my little brother is turning 21! What kind of shenanigans could we possibly get into....


p.s. I think I might throw my bobbin winder out the window for Hops to chew on, this thing is driving me insane!

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  1. If a bobbin winder is anyway similar to a yarn winder, then I feel your pain. I want to see pics of your booth!


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